MLM offers training and consultancy services. All trainings are participatory in nature and activity oriented. The participants are guaranteed to have an experiential learning.

All offerings can be customized to suit the audience level. These programs have been run for Non Believers, New Believers, Mature Christians and Theologians. The effectiveness of these trainings have been proven with Students, Working Professionals, Corporate Personnel, Home Makers and Missionaries.

All trainings are strongly based on the Bible, and combines the Corporate Wisdom drawn from 30 years of corporate experience.

Training and Consultancy are offered in the following areas.

  1. Christian Identity: Short 1 Hour Module on What is Christian Identity and how to acquire the same

  1. Personality: Customised 2 hour to 4 Hour modules including Personality Assessment and explanations. This provides participants with an exclusive Christian view point of looking at our personality, very different from the world view. The focus is on how each one of us can understand and use the unique personality given by God for His Kingdom’s work.

  1. Servant Leadership: Different options are available under this topic

    1. Stand Alone Module that can be run in 1 to 2 hours

    2. Integrated Module that can be run in 4 to 8 Hours. This module integrates the Christian Identity and Personality modules into the build up of Servant Leadership principles. This module incorporates two assessments; one on personality and another one on Servant Leadership

    3. Immersive Module of 15 hours duration. This can be run as a stretch two day session or a comfortable 3 day session. This module incorporates the personality and Servant Leadership assessments and practical tips on how to develop Servant leadership behaviours in day to day life. Extensive explanations on the 10 Servant Leadership Attributes and the Seven Behavioral Patterns are provided during this module.

  1. Workplace Ministry: Need based modules on how to be an evangelist at the work place where God has placed you.

  1. Integrity: We organise short introductory sessions of 1 hour and can design and run upto 2 days immersive sessions in partnership with Transition Network (

Training modules on other topics can be developed and deployed based on the individual and organisational needs.

Personalised Mentoring can be provided to interested and needy persons.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements