October 2011

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We bring you Christian Greetings in the name of our Lord .

NGOs play a vital role in building the nation. Over a period of time, the NGO sector has grown to have considerable significance in the affairs of the world by addressing various humanitarian, environmental, economic, religious and other causes. With this growth in it’s significance and the influence that the NGO sector is able to exert in many fields, the focus on Leadership in NGOs has assumed significance too.

As in the case of any organisation, there could be different styles of leadership
practiced in the NGOs. One of the key Leadership styles that has been advocated in
the recent times is the concept of Servant leadership. Servant Leadership, simply put,
is Leading by Serving . A more detailed description of Servant Leadership could be
seen at our website http://www.menorahleadership.in

By it’s very definition, Servant leadership looks to be the best suited leadership style
for NGOs. Is this true? Can NGOs gain from this concept of Servant Leadership?
Can the NGO employees and Volunteers be motivated to put in their best, if the
leaders practiced Servant Leadership?

To find answers to these and many other questions, we are doing a research study in
Indian NGOs. This research is expected to measure the prevalence of Servant
Leadership in NGOs operating in India, and determine some correlations on
employee matters. The study is being conducted by Madana Kumar A under the
Dept of Business Administration of Aligarh Muslim University, and has been
approved by the Research committee of the university. The guidance to the research
project is being provided by Dr. Parvaiz Talib of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
and Dr. Tony Sam George of Christ University, Bangalore. You can read the profile
of the Research Scholar at our website http://www.menorahleadership.in

I am approaching you for help in connecting me with NGOs that you are either part
of, or you know of.

All that is required is an investment of a about 60 mins of a NGO leader’s time , and
45 mins each of some of their selected employees or volunteers.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be happy to provide the NGO with a
customized report for their organisation, after the study. This report might help them
in identifying Leadership development areas in their organisation.

The survey will be done in two steps

1. First, Organisational details need to be filled in using this link
http://menorahleadership.in/sls/index.php?sid=86844&lang=en .
2. Once we receive the organisation information, we will send a separate link for the
employees to use. At this point we will also request for e mail ids of all the employees
in their organisation. We will also request the right leader to send out a mail to all the
employees with the employee survey link.

I look forward to your help in connecting me with as many NGOs as you know of. Once
we receive your responses, we will send them further details on how to participate.

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