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A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries

May 2015

Leadership continues to be a fascinating topic of study and reflection. This is not surprising. James Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership”. But what are the Leadership styles you see in the world today?

Did you get to see the Hollywood Political Satire Comedy film “The Interview”? Did you hear the controversy that followed the release of that film?

In the past we may have read about the Leadership transition from Kim Jong-Il to Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Though the country is called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), for generations the power and authority remains with the Kim family. The people are expected to bow down before the giant statues of Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un in respect and adoration of their rule. Reports by the UN have alleged that country under the rule of Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un has committed some serious Human rights violations.

The movie has of course a happy ending with North Korea becoming a real democracy. Is there such a happy ending in sight for the real world, which is ruled and governed by many, similar to or even worse than Kim Jong uns of the world?

The Bible promises us that there is. There is hope on what type of leadership will ultimately prevail. We know it, because the man who had all the power and authority himself demonstrated that leadership style for his followers to emulate. (John 13:1-17). Ironically “The Interview” was released on 25th of December 2014.

Over the next few issues of this newsletter, we will explore the different attributes of this Leadership Style called Servant Leadership.

In the meantime, let us reflect on the Greatest Servant Leader. Click here to read my thoughts on this. Let us also see why Jesus did what he did on the last evening of his life here on earth. Click here to read my thoughts on that.

Do you have any stories to share on the topic of Leadership? We would love to hear from you if you have stories to share. Please contact us or reply to this mail with your comments and stories.

If you would like to study more on the prevalence of Servant Leadership in Indian NGOs, you are welcome to download and study my research papers on the topic here.


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