March 2008

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Menorah L.I.T.E.S
Leadership Inspiring Thoughts for Evangelist Servants
A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries
Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2008
We bring you Christian Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord . 

The Lent and Easter season is a season of remembrance and recommitment. We remember the greatest sacrifice that has ever happened, the almighty God coming down to earth, and becoming a human being like you and me, going through the pains, and the joys just like you and me. He was hungry , and thirsty just like you and me, he was tempted like you and me ( the biggest difference being that He never yielded to the temptation, like we some times do). And he died fully like a human being, going through the excruciating pain and insults of crucifixion. To me, Jesus’ human nature is a big sacrifice, some thing he did not have to do, but chose to do so that you and me could be freed from sin for ever.

The book of Hebrews gives some beautiful messages on this subject. The book of Hebrews continue to be relevant to us, thought it was written to the Judaic Christians who were facing doubts about the superiority of Jesus. It is relevant to us today especially in India where Jesus is just “one of the gods” for may people. Ravi Zachariah has authored this book “Jesus Among other gods” on this subject, and he says the book; “Philosophically, you can believe anything, so long as you do not claim it to be true, Morally, you can practice anything, so long as you do not claim it to be a ‘better’ way. Religiously, you can hold to anything, so long as you do not bring Jesus Christ into it. How does one, to a mood such as this, communicate the message of Jesus Christ, in which Truth and absoluteness are not only assumed, but sustained?”

We take a look at the Jesus portrayed in the Book of Hebrews in two of our sermons, Relevance of Jesus in our times and Know the Man Jesus. Please read the sermon or listen to the sermon on line on to the Podcast player.

MLM is happy to launch it’s Workplace Ministry Support:
A number of us are constantly faced with questions on how to witness at the workplace. A number of us think that ministry is a full time job and is meant for pastors and missionaries. We could not be farter from God’s will, if we separate ourselves from the task of witnessing where God has placed us. However this is a very sensitive area, and needs to be done very carefully , especially since the laws of the secular world are Secular. MLM is happy to offer it’s services to Christian professionals to do our Father’s business at workplace, while upholding the highest levels of work ethics, and non interference. We bring you our sermon on “Workplace Ministry – Equipping ourselves” in text and “Workplace Ministry – Equipping ourselves” in audio form.

Personality is a buzz word in the modern world. Does it have any place in the Church and Christian life? We try to look at the personality aspects of an “Evangelist” and see what type of a “person” is God asking us to be , in order for us to attract more people to the Kingdom. Check out our thoughts on this here from the “Personality of an Evangelist” sermon.

Please pray for the Mission organisations specifically IEM who are organising the National Convention at Bangalore during may 1st week, and the FMPB which is organising the Navodaya camp at Yelagiri (Salem) in the end of May 2008.

We hope that you are enjoying the Podcast of our sermons, and the new technology is being used for feeding on the word more often. Remember, technology is available to us, and it is our choice whether we put it to “good” use of not.


Our sermons continue to be available through the site, along with many other sermons on various subjects from Leaders in the Kingdom’s Service. Please check out some of the sermons here at the sermon central website.


Our Church Partner Bangalore Bible Fellowship is looking for a shepherd to lead them in the spiritual journey. Please visit their web site for more details.

Menorah Leadership Ministries continue to look for ways to serve Christian professional, Christian Workers, Churches and Christian Organisations to develop Leadership Skills, based on strong Biblical principles, applied through modern leadership principles. To get an idea about what MLM can offer you , as an individual Leader or as an organisation, please do go through the Menorah F.O.L.D ( Framework of Leadership Development)

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 Yours in Christ

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