Divine need for us to impact other lives following Jesus’ example of Servant Leadership

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A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries

May 2015

Many of you consider yourselves as leaders and many of you don’t. We sometimes attach leadership to positions or titles or designations. John Maxwell actually simplifies it for us. He says “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less”. Is that not true? Consider any leader (Good, Bad or Ugly) and you will find that all that they did was to influence the thoughts and actions of others based on the principles that they themselves believed in.

When we become a Christian, we automatically are called to influence others. (1 Peter 2:12, John15:16 and many others). Thus a Christian automatically becomes a “Leader”. God has placed some of us in influential positions or even otherwise we are all leader in one way or the other for Christ

Our influencing ability is dependent on what others observe of our behaviour. When we are pushed out of our comfort zone or when an adversary hits us how do we respond, does our character break us, or build us?

The Bible teaches us to live the word on a daily basis, also one of the greatest commandments is to love God and love one another. Our actions and decisions can impact others. Do we really Live out God’s Word?

Please click here to learn more about living out the word. Living Out God’s word.

God expects us to influence others by leading a significant life. Do we really live a life of significance? Follow my thoughts on the subject here

The beauty is that we need not look anywhere else to know how to impact others, or how to demonstrate our love to others. Jesus Christ himself demonstrated that to us. He demonstrated the true extent of his love. Read my thoughts on the subject here and let me know your own thoughts on how we can demonstrate the true extent of our love.


Do you have any stories to share on the topic of Leadership? We would love to hear from you if you have stories to share. Please contact us or reply to this mail with your comments and stories.

If you would like to study more on the prevalence of Servant Leadership in Indian NGOs, you are welcome to download and study my research papers on the topic here.

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