December 2008

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Menorah L.I.T.E.S
Leadership Inspiring Thoughts for Evangelist Servants
A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries
Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2008
We bring you Christian Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

So much time has flown by since our last newsletter. A lot of things have happened

in many of our lives. Our country has gone through a number of tribulations,
culminating in the high profile and barbaric terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which is
still very fresh in our minds. The attacks against Christians and Churches in Orissa,
Karnataka and some other parts of the country has brought many of us to our knees
praying for this country and praying for our persecuted brethren. Are these sings of
end times? Will these unite the Christians? Will the faith become stronger due to the
persecution? Will sin reduce due to the uncertainty of future? We have many
questions. And in Jesus we Christians have the answers too.

The terrorist attacks in the so called “safe places”, have shaken the beliefs of many
people in the security systems of the country. For us Christians, this is another
reminder that there is only one safe place for us. That is with the Lord. We surely do
not know what tomorrow holds for us, but in Jesus, we sure do know who holds our
tomorrow and hence we can face that tomorrow, just because He lives amongst us.

In the context of the “secular” thrust that is going on, in the wake of the Church
attacks, against the “conversion” activities, we pause to think about how we should
live among unbelievers. Can we really use our biblical knowledge to excel at
workplace and other areas of life that we are in? Do biblical values have any
relevance in the “secular” world that we live in? The answer is a resounding “Yes”.
We at MLM look at some of the aspects of this in our sermon in text on “Excelling@work using Christian Values” and in audio.

Personality is an interesting subject and MLM is keen to pursue the study of this
subject from the biblical perspective. Personality is hotly debated in Christian
circles and there are equally strong arguments for and against the use of
personality testing tools and methods in the Christian fraternity. It is our firm belief
that God has given each one of us a very unique personality. It is also our belief
that each one of us should strive to understand ourselves more before we try to
understand God. There are some strong critics to this view, and there are some
strong supporters to this view. The supports include men of God, like John Calvin,
St. Augustine, Thomas Merton, Selwyn Hughes etc. Some of our arguments can be
found in our sermons on the subject of personality. To help us to understand our
personality better, MLM is glad to bring the Menorah Personality test. We encourage you to take the test and let us know your views. Please do remember that the purpose of

knowing our personality is not to change it like that of some one else. God loves us
as we are, and He created us different from others. The purpose of knowing our
personality type is to use that unique personality for glorification of His name.

The subject of Leadership styles also continues to fascinate us. With a view of
understanding the most suited Leadership styles for Christian organisations, MLM
is glad to announce the commencement of a research project on this. We plan to
research into the Leadership Styles used in Christian Non Profit organisations. We
welcome to join us in this effort.

We hope that you are enjoying the Podcast of our sermons, and the new technology is being used for feeding on the word more often. Remember, technology is available to us, and it is our choice whether we put it to “good” use of not.

Our sermons continue to be available through the site, along with many other sermons on various subjects from Leaders in the Kingdom’s Service. Please check out some of the sermons here at the sermon central website.


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Yours in Christ

  Madana Kumar A.
Leadership Evangelist
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