December 2007

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Menorah L.I.T.E.S
Leadership Inspiring Thoughts for Evangelist Servants
A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries
Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2007
We bring you Christian Greetings in the name of our Lord .                                                                                              
This is Christmas Season, when we remember, once more, the greatest miracle of all, when the Word became flesh and came down to dwell among us. In spite of the commercialization that has crept in, into the celebrations, in spite of the discussions about the possible pagan origins about the celebrations, in spite of the academic evidences of the actual date of Jesus’ birth, the season continues to be a season of joy and hope for all Christians world wide.
For those of us who have already accepted Jesus as our personal saviour, we do know what we need to thank him for, and that sure is a lot. However it is appropriate for us to have questions on this, and to look at what a difference Jesus made to our lives, our accessibility to the Father, and the way we worship the Lord. In this sermon we compare the restrictions on worship in the various faiths and bring out the difference Christ has made to our accessibility to our God. Read about this in the article here
John C Maxwell , the noted church leader and Leadership Guru, asserts in the introduction to the Leadership Bible, that “God has called all of you to Lead”. However, he quotes Church expert and statistician George Barna,  to point out the most urgent need in today’s churches . He quotes “ Leadership remains one of the glaring needs of the church. People are often willing to follow God’s vision, but too frequently, they have no exposure to either vision or true leadership.” We at Menorah Leadership Ministries could not agree more. We believe that once we have accepted the call to follow Jesus, we have accepted the responsibility to Lead others to Christ, to influence other lives in a very permanent manner and that is all what Leadership is about. Many of us, of course, have questions on whether we can lead. What does the Bible tell us about this? How can we actually lead a Leadership Life? Check out our thoughts on the concept of Leadership Living .
The Hands of God occupy a very central position in the Bible. Hands of God represents many of the attributes and characteristics of our God. How ready are we to surrender ourselves into the mighty Hands of our Lord? Are we willing to follow the example of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who , surrendered himself into the Hands of the Lord , even on the cross? Do we trust the Everlasting arms of God, or do we put our trust more in the human hands, especially when we are tested? Check out our thoughts on this concept here.
MLM is happy to announce the launching of Podcast facility in our web site. This allows us to use yet another technology to glorify His name. Now you can listen to our sermons or down load the sermons to your iPod or computer to listen at your own convenience. Please check out our Podcast zone 
We consider it a blessing to inform our partners that the sermons of Menorah Leadership Ministries are available at the website, along with many other sermons on various subjects from Leaders in the Kingdom’s Service. Please check out some of the sermons here.
Menorah Leadership Ministries continue to look for ways to serve Christian professional, Christian Workers, Churches and Christian Organisations to develop Leadership Skills, based on strong Biblical principles, applied through modern leadership principles. To get an idea about what MLM can offer you , as an individual Leader or as an organisation, please do go through the Menorah F.O.L.D ( Framework of Leadership Development)
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 Yours in Christ
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