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June 15th 2015

We all know that “Choosing to do” something is always better than “Having to do” something. If it is some activity that we choose to do, it actually energizes us as against exhausting us. We feel happy and contended about doing something that is of our own choice.

Have you thought about the choices that you made recently?

When it comes to leading, to making others follow us or be influenced by us, we have a choice between two methods.

One is the conventional Power and Authority model, where we coerce people, using our power, position, money, strength, wisdom, voice, charisma etc etc. The other is the Servant Leadership model where we convince people through putting their welfare above our own. We have the choice of becoming self-serving leaders or truly serving leaders.

Our default setting is to choose the power and authority model. After all, we live in a fallen world. When the successor to King Solomon, Rehoboam, (1 Kings 12:1-14) chose to ignore the advice to serve his people, and chose to burden people more, he was actually exhibiting his natural wiring, or he was just going by his default setting.

Why did this happen? What has the fall got to do with it? How was it reversed? What choices do we have? Click here to get some answers from my study of some biblical characters.

Do you have a view on this? Have you seen leaders (within the church and otherwise) choosing the power and authority model over Servant Leadership? Do write to us with your views.

Be blessed!!

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