Christian Identity and Personality

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You have heard the much clichéd saying “ Actions speak louder than words”. Much clichéd it might sound, but it is a basic fact. People do not see our intentions, they do not see our knowledge or skills, they do not get an idea about our love, and they do not care how much of the bible we know, unless they see these things in our behaviour. Consistently demonstrated becomes a style, or in leadership jargon, it becomes your leadership style. And our ability to influence others depends a lot on our demonstrated and observable behaviour.

This is explained in the Menorah FOLD that I have developed. Click here to study the interrelationships between the various aspects from the leadership (influence) perspective.

But have you wondered what makes different people behave differently? What really impacts our behaviour?

For Christians, the basic difference should always be in the identity that we derive from Christ. Our whole being should develop from the core of Christian Identity. And it is not something that will come naturally, because the Natural identity is always defective. Christian Identity needs to be intentionally developed, after shedding the natural identity that we are born with. Follow my study on the topic by clicking here.

One of the very controversial topics in Christianity is the concept of Personality. Many people believe that Christians should not worry or be concerned about the concept of personality. I am of a different opinion. Follow my thoughts on this topic by clicking here.

Would you like to know your personality? The personality that God gave you. Please remember that the idea is not to try and change your personality, but to use the knowledge of your personality to serve God better. If you wish to know, try out the tool that I have developed and made available to you free of cost by clicking here.

Do let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Stay blessed in the meantime.

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