August 2011

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The issue of corruption cannot escape our attention these days. There are stories about corruption as well as anti-corruption movements daily in our newspapers and Media. The events surrounding us, and reported daily in the newspapers, are a testimony to the pain this has caused over time and the deep desire of the nation at large to free itself from this malaise. We believe the church should lead the way.

Unfortunately, the immoral atmosphere has not left us in the Church unstained.

It is with this burden that a group of businessmen and professionals have come together to serve the Church with a vision to restoring the prophetic voice of the Church leadership.

To kick start this, the group of professionals who have come together under the banner of Transition Network are organising a one day event at Bangalore on the 2nd of September 2011. Please visit the website for more details about the event.


Salt and Light in a Corrupt Society
Bangalore, 2nd September 2011

The heart of the event will comprise of deliberation among participants themselves, facilitated by experts in the Human Process Technology methodology.

The purpose of the event has been articulated as follows:

To bring together concerned senior Christian leaders in India to deliberate on the issue of corruption and to create a united movement with a vision to making the Indian Church corruption- free.

Please do pray for the event, that our Lord will work mightily through his Holy Spirit to stir our hearts and empower our minds as a Church to indeed be salt and light to our corruption ridden nation.

Servant Leadership is the most appropriate Leadership style suited for this issue and these times. MLM is happy to bring to you a series of Messages on Servant Leadership. Please access our website and enjoy those lessons. These messages are available in audio and text form your convenience.

Our sermons continue to be available through the site, along with many other sermons on various subjects from Leaders in the Kingdom’s Service. Please check out some of the sermons here–madana+kumar&sscat=allresources&keyword=madana+kumar&ScriptureBookA=&ScriptureVerse=&TopicID=0&x=0&y=0

Menorah Leadership Ministries continue to look for ways to serve Christian professional, Christian Workers, Churches and Christian Organisations to develop Leadership Skills, centered around Servant Leadership, based on strong Biblical principles, applied through modern leadership principles.

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