April 2007

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Menorah L.I.T.E.S
Leadership Inspiring Thoughts for Evangelist Servants
A News Letter from Menorah Leadership Ministries
Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2007

We bring you Greetings .Just a few days ago we celebrated the resurrection day of the Lord. Whether you call it Easter or not, it is a day of jubilation for all Christians and the most important Holy day and holiday in the Christian calendar.

Please do take time to go through my thoughts on the Lenten season. [Click here to view]

Modern world is a demanding world!! The demands of this world can be very stressful. Fortunately for Christians, we need not go anywhere else for finding ways to manage our stress. Please read my article on Stress Management based on Biblical principals. [Click here to view]

Menorah Leadership Ministries continue to look for ways to serve Christian Organisations to develop Leadership Skills, based on strong Biblical principles, applied through modern leadership Principle. To get an idea about what MLM can offer you , as an individual Leader or as an organisation, please do go through the Menorah F.O.L.D (Framework of Leadership Development). [Click here to view]

If you want to know what we can offer to you, please visit our Offerings page. [Click here to view]

We look forward to your feedback on this news letter and the contents on the web site. Please click here to contact us.


Yours in Christ,


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Leadership Evangelist
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